Light study

The HVP Lighting team consisting of very qualified professional people, succeeds in working out the most creative solutions, together with his installers. Shops, offices, industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, gardens,... do not have secrets to HVP.

HVP LIGHTING is offering a light study and light calculation, using the most actual technical tools, to realise the best result within a clearly determined budget.





Nothing is better than seeing it with your own eyes, especially in lighting business, so... let's make together a voyage through the lighting world at HVP LIGHTING.

HVP LIGHTING recently updated and upgrated once more their two showrooms. They are open and free to be visited by all our installators and customers, ... after having made an appointment with one of the specialists in the company, who will be proud to guide you!

HVP Lighting Exterior Collection

HVP Lighting Collection 2019